About Fernando

My name is Fernando and I write and draw erotic comics and art.  I’ve been drawing for most of my life as a hobby and have been doing so professionally for over a decade now.


My Comics

Most of my work is in BDSM comics as well as erotic adventure stories.  As my readers can tell, I love drawing beautiful women, beautiful women in danger, beautiful women in bondage, beautiful women having sex, beautiful women having fun, beautiful women fighting… you get the idea.  My BDSM comics can get edgy, rough, and violent but these are just fantasy stories.  In real life I couldn’t hurt anything that can give me googly eyes and wasn’t considered a household pest.

If you like what I do you can support my work by buying my BDSM comics for sale at fernando‑comics.com.  Some of my popular series include the Cheerleaders, The Confiscated Twins,  Dark Vengeance, Total Control, Sex Wars and Women Hunt.

One of my most popular non-BDSM work is The Devil Made Me Do It, whose complete archive you can purchase here over at Monster Babe Central.

Some of my other work has also appeared in Drawing Palace (defunct), Danger Babe Central, and Cat FightCentral.


If you wish to contact me for whatever reason you can do so at this page.




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