The Art of Fernando Volume 1 released


I have a new book out at DOFantasy.  It’s called The Art of Fernando Volume 1.  It’s not a comic but a book collecting my various erotic/BDSM art.  For those who haven’t done so you can buy it here.

The Art of Fernando is a book that chronicles the evolution of my erotic art as well as compiles new drawings that’s not meant to be in a comic series.  Among other things it contains my erotic art going back over 30 years.  This means I was already making raunchy drawings during puberty.  Yes, I’d managed to preserve them — mostly they were pencils on bond or art paper. In fact I’d almost completely forgot about them until I decided to make this book.  There are also high-res pin-ups of various kinds of sexual bondage art, full-color unpublished comic pages, a sampling of the art in Ernest Greene’s novel “The Illustrated Master of O”, various sketches of my cover designs, a short history of my sex art career, and basically anything and everything prurient that I thought would make a nice collection.

This is my first interactive book and the first for DOFantasy as well.  I use the term interactive quite loosely.  By that I mean that you can press a button on the PDF file to hide the text if it bothers your appreciation of the art.  You can also print them out and hang them on the wall if you like.  A few sections feature my oldest artwork where you can also view some of the images both in color and its original black and white pencils by hovering the mouse over the image.  I would’ve wanted to do this for more of the images inside. as it’s always interesting to see the enormous difference between a line drawing and the finished product, but that would’ve made the 93MB file size even bigger.  Yes,it’s quite large because of the amount of images we put in as well as the high quality JPEG compression we used compared to regular DOFantasy comic.  That’s over 120+ new images spanning about the same number of pages.  If you’re wondering why your favorite reader says there are less than 100 pages, it’s because we decided to merge the full-page spreads into one larger page.  If we didn’t do that the PDF reader software will show a ghastly break or dashed line in between the two pages of a spread which would’ve totally ruined the viewing experience.


Well I thought coming out with an art compilation book was going to be easy but it turned out to be anything but.  What’s the difference between the image to the left and making an art book?  One is damned hard fucking and the other’s damned fucking hard (that image isn’t in the book, by the way).  While assembling a comic means putting together 40+ pages and adding thought balloons and words on each of them, putting together an art compilation book requires a whole new set of skills altogether.  They’re skills I never studied but I think have some instinct for.  However it was enjoyable hard work so if you guys end up liking it there will be a Volume 2 in the future.  I know it’s priced double the regular comic but with three times as many pages and four times the work it takes to make a comic, I hope you will see it as a relative bargain.  If anything it’s my meal ticket while working on my next comic which is either Sex Wars 4 or Dark Vengeance 4.  You’ll know sometime next week.