Cheerleaders 9 Before and After

Many of the drawings for my comics actually go through several edits before they’re finalized.  These are examples of those instances when I’ve drawn a scene or a page, but something causes a change in what otherwise was already perfectly good drawing.

The way I usually write a comic is by actually drawing scenes in them with a very, very, very rough plot in mind.  I then try to them together as the story in my head eventually takes a more definite shape.  It’s a terribly inefficient way to do comics but it’s the only way I can effectively execute right now.  In a perfect world I should be writing a page-by-page and panel-by-panel breakdown of the story before getting started on the drawings.  But my curse as a visual artist is that I have to see the images that I draw to jump-start the writing process.  I do want to change this in the future so I can more efficiently create more comics.  I know — the more time I spend planning the less time I will spend drawing and editing.

The scene below illustrates this.  When I first posted this preview in this post, I just drew a bunch of  girls lying on the floor not really getting into much detail who some of them were and how many there were supposed to be.  I just figured it would be a nice image to draw them in sexy, unconscious poses.  As you can see there are eight women in this scene.  Later in the writing process, this scene had to be edited so that there were only six and the final image is what you see in the colored version.

Hat, Cattle Prod, and Glasses

The second “before-and-after” image shows more late changes that I made.  The blonde with the pigtails (Denise) is now wearing a red cowboy hat, Assbuster is holding a cattle prod, and the face of the girl on the lower right corner has changed (Liz).  The reasons for these changes were (respectively):

  1. The scene where Denise ends up wearing the cowboy hat was inserted much later even though it happens earlier in the final version of the story.
  2. I just plain forgot to draw the cattle prod the first time around.
  3. I made changes to which cheerleaders were present in this scene.

A Bigger Bed

In this third scene, the change is quite minor.  In the final colored image the mattress has grown bigger.  I figured I was going to have Quinn need a bigger mattress to be able to do all types of positions with more girls when he appears again.

There’s more of these where they came from and I’ll be posting more of these “before and after” pics in the future.

(Note: you may not be able to see the before-and-after image if you’re viewing this in the forum.  There’s a bug in the forum software that prevents it from being seen here.  To see the images, please go to the original blog post.