Cheerleaders 9 Preview #4

It’s been a long while since the last preview but for a good reason. I’ve decided to make Cheerleaders 9 a special sixty pages long issue (versus the usual 40+) and so I’ve been hectically working on finishing the comic for the last few weeks. Quite a number of scenes took longer to draw than usual due to the number of people and complexity. Even the cover is a lot more involved than usual as you see below. These will probably be the last few previews before the comic comes out. It wasn’t easy choosing which scenes to show ahead of the comic release since a lot of the good ones would end up as spoilers for the story. Hope you enjoy these few ones!

I wanted to show throughout the comic how flexible the girls were (being cheerleaders, obviously) and this is a full-page panel that shows it. For a while I was going to make a cover based on it but somehow couldn’t find the right composition. I ended up doing something else entirely.

Cheerleaders Preview #11Assbuster admiring the girls’ openness and flexibility

There’s the cover design below. I wanted to communicate that there was a new and larger batch of victims, plus the fact that we’re back to using a lot of traditional BDSM gear. There is no scene like this in the comic, but some of the attire and gadgets represent a bit of what you’ll see in the story.

Cheerleaders 9 Cover PreviewCheerleaders 9 black-and-white cover

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