Christmas Card from 2008


2008 Fernando Christmas Card

Not too long ago I was asked a couple of questions here in the forum.  One of the questions was what was the hardest comic for me to conceive and draw.  The short answer to that is Sex Wars 3, but today I don’t feel like elaborating on that.  This time I’m featuring one of the most difficult single illustrations I’ve ever done in the BDSM genre, and it was a Christmas card from 2008.  From what I recall, I had just finished Cheerleaders 7 and was taking a break between projects, so I had more time to devote to this than usual.  I don’t mind drawing sexy women in Santa hats wearing not much else, but my weakness as an illustrator is drawing straight-lined, inanimate objects — i.e. most backgrounds.  I can draw detailed backgrounds if I want to.  The trouble is most of the time I don’t want to.  I have great respect for artists that have the patience and skill to do both detailed backgrounds as well as very beautiful and curvy women — artists like Gary Roberts.

This drawing actually started out as a simpler illustration (below).  But when that was almost done, I felt it didn’t have enough impact and humor.  And so it grew bigger when I decided to make it in wallpaper dimensions.  You can see several changes through the drawing process.  It’s not too different when it comes to comics.  Most of the best panels you see in my comics went through several drafts and iterations before I settled on the final look.

2008 Christmas Card Original Draft2008 Christmas Card Layout

2008 Christmas Card (b/w)

I was actually thinking of making a tongue-in-cheek BDSM comic about this particular version of Santa Claus, but I’m afraid that might be too humorous for my publisher to appreciate.

Quick!  Aside from the color, there’s a a big difference between the colored and the black and white illustrations.  Can you spot it in within ten seconds?