Clara desktop wallpaper


I knew that Clara from The Confiscated Twins series was popular, but based on the comments in the forum I didn’t realize she was that beloved.  Apparently so is her purple hair so in gratitude to my loyal fans who stood by my site (and me!) throughout my 20-month absence here’s a Clara desktop wallpaper with a revised hair color instead of the blue as featured in my latest book.  I changed the reds to purples as well since they didn’t go well together.  I’m providing it here in three resolutions.  Please note that the wallpapers from the links below are only available to logged-on users.

  1. 3840×2160 for you lucky bastards with a UHD monitor.
  2. 2560×1440 for semi-lucky bastards with a QHD monitor (like me).
  3. 1920×1080 for those with FHD monitors.

If you have anything with lower resolution you should probably upgrade!

I just hope you’re able to use it.  Obviously you can’t put this on your office computer.  But I heard Windows 10 now has a built-in virtual desktop feature so that might help. 🙂

The hardest part about this drawing were those torn fishnets.  That and keeping my hands on the computer to finish the illustration.

Again, thanks for sticking it out!