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Total Control 2

Eli demonstrates his power to Kate by treating a famous celebrity as a sex toy, always ready to follow his degrading commands.

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Cheerleaders 9

Our notorious villain Assbuster is busy training the newly-kidnapped cheerleaders. He uses their flexibility to his deranged amusement. As he starts fucking the long-haired blonde he reminisces about his first slave, Anna.

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Dark Vengeance 3

The opening scene of the Dark Vengeace 3 comics -- Brooke is dreaming about rough sex with her college math professor. Fantasy quickly gives way to reality as she wakes up to the fact that the only rough sex she's getting today is with a gang of horny ex-convicts who are exacting revenge on the family of her best friend Holly.

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Sex Wars 3

Scorpion, leader of Cathedral City, celebrates the capture of Maya and some of her cohorts by staging some gladiator-style games in the city stadium!

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The Devil Made Me Do It

In this scene from The Devil Made Me Do It, our hero Sydney has been given special powers by Satan to help her with her missions. The only problem is the side-effect: For the next few hours she's going to be hornier than any number of horny devils can handle!

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