Confiscated Twins 5: Have your say

confiscated-twins-have-your-sayAfter the lengthy endeavor that was Cheerleaders 9, it’s time to work on the next comic: Confiscated Twins 5!  This is your chance to have your say about what you want to see in the upcoming comic.  Is it a Bauer twins gangbang?  Clara pleasuring herself?  Roy getting his revenge on Amanda?  Are there specific bondage attire and gear you’d like to see?  We’re all kinky here so don’t be shy.  Let me know what floats your boat!

Obviously I can’t accommodate everyone’s wishes but if it’s an interesting idea or scene and it can fit the story, then there’s a good chance you might see it in the comic.

I’m planning to have this released before Christmas (2013!) and so obviously I plan to work on this smarter and faster than I did with the most recent one.  This time I’m making sure I have a full story ironed out before I begin working on the drawings.  Hopefully it works.  The earlier you post your ideas then the better the chances I can incorporate them in the final product.

Meanwhile for those of you who haven’t read the Confiscated Twins series, you can catch up on the series by buying your copies from the DOFantasy’s Fernando comics store.