Dark Vengeance 4: Have your say


I had been wanting to continue the Dark Vengeance series for a while now (as well as Sex Wars, Total Control, and Dead Shark Island).  Time flies while you’re trying to maintain multiple comic series all by yourself.  As a warm-up exercise I thought I’d make a pin-up of the series’ unluckiest character, Brooke Miller.  When the comic is finished I’ll release this as a high-resolution desktop wallpaper.

Just as I did when I was making Confiscated Twins 5, I’m giving you forum members the chance to have your say about what you want to see in Dark Vengeance 4. The series has pretty much taken a critical turn with Holly, Brooke, and Mr. Royce moved from the mansion and held captive in the gang’s lair.  So tell me what you want to see in the next installment of one of your favorite series.  As usual your suggestion may or may not make it to the comic but what have you got to lose by speaking up?

Mini Contest

As an added treat, I’d like to hold a contest.  In the picture above Tyrone is saying something either to Brooke or his friends around him.  What do you think he’s saying?  It can be funny or serious, but the best answer in my judgement will get a free, high-resolution version of the comic when it comes out!  The deadline for posting your answer is September 30, 2015 at 11:59 PM UTC.  Please post your answers in the forum thread linked to this post.