Dark Vengeance Cover Gallery

Dark Vengeance CoverDark Vengeance 2 CoverDark Vengeance 3 Cover

One of my most popular comic series is Dark Vengeance (to my pleasant surprise).  To celebrate that fact, here are the comics series covers without the text and logos for you to enjoy.  Just click on the images for a bigger view.

It’s hard to pick a personal favorite of mine among the three, but I think the very first cover (with the two girls forced to “kiss” each other) wins by a nose. It’s those tongues that tipped the scale for me.

If you haven’t read the comics it’s a pretty straightforward plot.  A gang of ex-cons exacts revenge on the state prosecutor that sent them to prison.  How best to do that?  Well by invading his vacation home and doing unspeakable things to his daughter Holly (the redhead) and her best friend Brooke (the blonde), all for the poor father to witness.

You can purchase the comics through the following links: