Hottest Scenes #1: Confiscated Twins 2

Hottest Scenes: Confiscated Twins 2 - page 19Hottest Scenes: Confiscated Twins 2 - page 22

“What’s your favorite scene?”

Obiwan over at the forum asked me a couple of questions that I promised I would answer as a series of blog posts.  Here’s a link to the forum topic:

Fernando, what are your opinions on comics?

One of the questions was if I had any favorite scene from my comic.  After having drawn over 2,000 comic pages for DOFantasy, you can probably guess that I have many and I’ll be writing about them here from time to time.

These two pages from Confiscated Twins 2 are easily two of the hottest pages I’ve ever drawn, and there isn’t even any sex in them.   This scene is not contiguous in the original comic and come from pages 19 and 22 of the story.  In this scene Mrs. Bauer had just been gang-banged by two SWAT officers as punishment for trying to rescue her indentured daughters from her neighbor.  Left on the floor of an abandoned warehouse, she slowly gets up and limps home.

I love these scenes for several reasons but mainly for the mixed emotions I believe it evokes.  On one hand you can’t help but feel totally sorry for her — clothes totally torn and almost naked but she still has the dignity/modesty to put her panties back on and slip into her high heels.  With cum on her face, pantyhose ripped, and completely disheveled she still manages to strike sexy poses as she gets up from the floor.  Even her silhouette on the doorway is really sexy, yet behind that tired pose was (presumably) a long and humiliating walk home.  At the risk of sounding like I’m tooting my own horn, it’s not often that I look back to what I did some years ago and be impressed with what I did then, and this is one of those times.


There are at least two drawing errors on the second page.  Can you spot them?