Hottest scenes #2: Sex Wars 3

After 2 years, I’m continuing with the answers to the original questions posted over at this forum topic: Fernando, what are your opinions on comics?

Previously I had identified this scene from Confiscated Twins 2 among those I considered one of the hottest scenes in my comics.  There was no sex in that scene, and in fact almost no nudity apart from an exposed breast.

In sharp contrast to that scene, this sequence from Sex Wars 3 has so many breasts exposed I won’t even try counting.  It also answers the other question posted in the same topic, “Which one was the hardest to conceive/draw?”  There is no single answer but certainly this sequence is among those that were both conceived and drawn with great pain and effort.  In this scene the dwarf  had been sent to Jackson City to ask for the return of Maya’s sister Christine, who had previously escaped from his boss Scorpion.  Captured by a bounty hunter and sold to “Hippo” Jones, the young woman is now the prized and priceless possession of the fat, ugly ruler of Jackson City.  He constantly dismisses every offer to buy Christine and demonstrates his contempt for the dwarf by keeping himself busy on his bed of women.  Hippo’s unyielding stance puzzles the dwarf but by the end of the scene the reason for his odd possessiveness for Christine is revealed.  Hint to those who haven’t read this comic: Hippo’s a family man.


As a bonus, here’s what the bed looks like without the occupants.