It’s Alive!


Ok, contrary to rumors from the last 18-20 months, this site is still alive (and I as well)!  I’m sure you all have a lot of questions, foremost is probably, “Where the fuck have you been?”  It’s a fair and simple question but I’m afraid the answer is both unfair and complicated so let’s set that aside for another time.  I just want to say I’m happy to be back to my own website, which surprisingly has survived with minimal supervision.  Somehow I also remembered my password.  Whew!

Anyway the flip side to being away so long is I want to make up for lost time, so hopefully more and more posts coming soon more often.  The unanswered forum topics may have to wait a while until I regain my bearings but I promise to answer them all.  I’m really, really sorry for abandoning you guys without a word and I hope you find it in your hearts to forgive me, or at the very least, not curse me forever.

I have a new book coming out at DOFantasy and it’s entitled “The Art of Fernando (Volume 1)”.  As you might guess from the title it’s not a comic.  It’s something even better (if you’re not a stark-raving lunatic about comics).  At the very least it’s different.  But more on that in another post.  Meanwhile it’s good to be back… for good.

Meanwhile, while awaiting my next post, you may want to ponder over the image above: What’s the reason behind one of the nurse’s shocked face?

  1. The doctor grabbed her tits and his hand was cold.
  2. The monster raised his arm.
  3. The two nurses on the table raised something else.
  4. She’s the only real nurse in the group and is finally realizing the others are just pretending.

P.S. Yes that’s my Wacom digital pen on the green monster’s hand in the picture up there.  The thing those two nurses are drooling over isn’t (mine’s not green).  The doctor screaming “It’s Alive!” is Gene Wilder from his absolutely hilarious movie “Young Frankenstein”.  I notice that as I get older less-and-less young people I meet know who he is, much less that classic movie.