Website slow…


You’ve probably noticed that the website’s been intermittently slow these past few days.  The last thing I needed while trying to draw more Cheerleader 9 pages was this, so please excuse the further delay with those much-awaited previews.

After some troubleshooting with the help of some other folks we suspect that my shared host’s database server is overloaded.  It’s probably some other website on the same server that’s causing mine to slow down.  Please bear with me for the moment while I try to get some help from my web hosting provider to identify and fix the problem.  Meanwhile I’ve disabled some sidebar “widgets” to help speed up the site somewhat.  You may see more minor tweaks in the next few days and you can assume they’re to help troubleshoot or mitigate the slowdown.

Meanwhile here’s a picture of Faith from Dead Shark Island 2, while you await more Cheerleaders 9 previews.