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Fernando Planet Welcome

I’m the artist Fernando, author and artist of several adult, erotic, and BDSM comic titles.  Here you’ll find the latest news on my comics work including sneak peaks, previously unseen art, as well as “director’s notes” on my past work.  You’ll enjoy browsing through this site if you love art and comics about beautiful women in bondage as well as stories of erotic adventure.


This site is a combined blog and forum where some posts on the blog are also seen as topics in the forum for discussion.  The reason for this is that I can make a blog look good but forums are pretty much impervious to efforts at making them not look like an accounting journal.  On the other hand, forums are great for discussion while reading through comments in a blog is generally a pain (for me at least).  Forums also have useful features such as private messaging, attaching images to posts, more effective moderation, buddy lists, smileys, and other fun features.

Registration is Free

Most of the forum is open for viewing by visitors but to be able to post, you need to register as a member.  There is also a “Members Only” forum area that can only be read (and posted to) by registered users and here I’ll be featuring artwork and treats that won’t be visible to the public.