The Art of Fernando volume 1: What happens next?

Like I mentioned my previous post, my book The Art of Fernando Volume 1 is now out.  Unfortunately I was so busy working on that book I neglected to bring you previews of the art.  However for those who still haven’t bought it here’s a few to whet your appetites.

One of the things I did with the book was to create short visual stories, which is just a fancy term for a series of very high resolution, pin-up quality art that tells a very short tale.  In these samples we see the set-up to the three of those stories.

The opening images are each full of story by themselves but more importantly they portend doom and gloom for the pretty women who usually have no idea what happens next.

So what’s in this preview?


To start we have something from an idea I’ve been toying around with but haven’t done as a comic due to the enormous planning skills and effort required.  I call it Extreme Dark Vengeance: what would happen if a small group of senior high school cheerleaders were in a slumber party and got the Dark Vengeance home invasion treatment?  Well I’m not going to show the entire thing here but there’s the set-up above.  There’s no nudity or even any sex on this image but lots of sexy stuff IMHO.  At most there’s the girl in the bath towel but everyone else have their clothes and underwear on which is something you just know won’t be true for long.  Some people may ask, why all this effort to drawing fully-clothed (well, half-naked) women?  The short answer is I think it’s very sexy.  The anticipation of what happens next sends the mind racing in all directions but none of them good for the girls.  No plans right now to make this a comic I’m afraid, but I would like to keep making more pin-ups of scenes from this imaginary story.17


Same thing with this image.  In another book this probably doesn’t mean much but on something released by DOFantasy, you just know these women won’t be happy and smiling for long, but that cop will be.  By the way, these are Jody and Amanda from the 2008 comic South of the Border.


And lastly we have our favorite spoiled brat Clara.  Even for her this attire is too much (or too little).  What’s she up to dressing up like that and adoring herself in the mirror?  More importantly, what’s Colonel Dan Murphy going to do to teach his daughter tidy up her room and dress properly?  What happens next?

I suppose this is comics equivalent of a ten-minute porn video.  Why read a 40-page comic when sometimes all you need is a few, good pages?