Wimble-Dawn 2013

Dawn playing tennis cheerleaders

Congratulations to Andy Murray on his spectacular win over Novak Djokovic for the 2013 Wimbledon championship.  I’m not a big tennis fan but I enjoy watching the grand slam events (especially when the tall, leggy women are playing).  To celebrate the win I’m posting the only drawing I’ve ever made of someone playing tennis.  Fans of the Cheerleaders comics series would recognize her as Dawn, sister of Anna, who’s the most popular girl in the Cheerleaders series.  Dawn’s first appearance was in Cheerleaders 5 where she was also abducted and made a sex slave by the notorious Assbuster (who in the picture below makes Dawn aware of the source of his nickname).  The sisters have gone through quite a bit of hell and have since been sold to a Mexican drug lord.

Getting back to the original topic — congratulations to my British fans!  Your long wait is over.

Assbuster does Dawn, cheerleaders

Assbuster, Anna, and Dawn (Cheerleaders)